Three destinations where you can go for volunteer work

Every day we hear about many tragedies and catastrophes on the news, internet and through other people.  Most choose to act for these situations by doing acts of charity and help without any reward. This is the quintessential definition of volunteers. People come forward, for the sake of volunteerism, to do volunteer work for variety of reasons. For example, some choose a cause like child labor as they want to eradicate it while some go for taking care of the elderly. Volunteerism has not been limited to one country as individuals have started to volunteer overseas following different natural and man-made problems and disasters.

volunteer overseas

volunteer overseas

To volunteer overseas there are a few things that you should be considering. These are not tough as most of the time volunteers are facilitated not only by countries – non-governmental organizations also help individuals if they aim to do volunteering. What you need to decide is where to go and help. There are many causes across the world where you can make an impact. Gathered in this article are three destinations: India, Philippines and Fiji where you can work as a volunteer overseas to help their denizens in their plight.

Volunteer in Philippines

The Philippines is among those destinations where tourists frequently visit to explore its riveting sights and exotic culture. However the country was the site of a natural disaster when Tacloban, a city in Philippines, was ravaged by typhoon Haiyan/ Yolanda in 2013.  The city is still reeling from the destruction wrought by the typhoon and needs help. As a volunteer inPhilippines you will be able to work with locals and help them in the rehabilitation of their homes, manage communities and assist in sharing food and much more.  You will get to live with one of the families, learn from their experiences, all the while get a firsthand look into the Filipino lifestyle. The city is still recovering today, yet is still celebrating many of its holidays and ceremonies which you can take part in.

Volunteer in India

India has seen an enormous growth in its economy. However there are still issues in the country that need looking after. For those thinking to take a volunteer India opportunity, there are numerous issues to help in. You may be thinking where to work as a volunteer , Involement Volunteers International . Places like Kannur and Dharamsala are some of the examples of small hubs where you can work as a volunteer and help local population with their problems.  You can also align yourself with international organizations that are working in India as they are always looking for people to help them in their endeavors.

Volunteer in Fiji

Fiji is not only a popular tourist attraction for its wonderful sights but also a hub for volunteers who want to leave a dent in the world. Fiji has numerous opportunities for those who want to give back to the community. You can join different programs here. You can work with schools and kindergartens where children with special needs are taught. You can also participate in programs that are designed to tackle with local health problems. These programs are not only setting up medical facilities but also involve teaching the local populace about taking care of their health and what precautions that they should take.

When it comes to volunteering you have many options. The thing is that you should have the patience to anticipate different challenges that come to work in difficult environments especially when you are backpacking.

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